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Tuesday  11am to 5:30pm

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2 Langman Ave Magill SA 5072

How we got here


I started playing guitars as a teenager. There was such a wide world of music, endless fun to be had exploring and subverting new sounds and ideas. Always playing with friends and learning from them and their music. Over the years I had many guitars, many ideas. I worked selling guitars in music shops, and soon grew into working on the instruments themselves. After a while I worked only as a guitar repair tech. I took apart, cleaned, modded or serviced  literally thousands of instruments over more than 25 years.

I enjoyed helping people get the sound they wanted, or get something working better than before, and hearing the music they made.

All this time I was building my own guitars. My customers would talk to me about them, what they liked, what they wished was different. I taught guitar building for a few years, and helped many people accomplish a build they thought might be beyond them, making sure they achieved an instrument that sounded and felt right to them.

There have been many  iterations and I’m proud of them all, but I finally feel it’s coming together. The models I’m crafting now make me work hard, they represent a challenge and a passion to create something special. It’s not an easy life sometimes. But when I hear them making great music in the hands of guitarists I admire, I know why I’ve never done anything else. It just never gets old.

Rhetoric about guitars is so plentiful it seems cheap now. But I hope if you hold and hear one, you’ll feel something, and it will make you want to make music. That’s what all it’s about.